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We love barbeque for several factors: the firm’s fantastic, it’s healthy and balanced, as well as it’s mouthwatering good. Still, many individuals hesitate to make a BARBEQUE because it’s such a long and laborious task. Countless journeys to the smoker to check the fire throughout 10+ hours is undoubtedly not our idea of enjoyment. So, to assist you to locate the best BBQ temperature controller, we explored the elaborate information of these small yet effective gadgets.

These tools are made to resolve one of the most irritating issues of all pitmasters. The uniformity of pit temperature level required for the evenly-cooked, delicious bbq. These automated controllers not just keep the coals smoking your food evenly with the long hours. But they also act as a fantastic alarm that allows you to know whenever the smoker needs your focus.

If you’re aspiring to become the barbecue master of the community, reviewed BBQ temperature level controllers here!

Best BBQ Temperature Controller Reviews

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While most versions of BBQ temperature level controllers available on the marketplace essentially do the exact same work. They differ in different features and accessories. We’ve tried lots of out and also ultimately picked our favored designs thinking about rate variety, warranty, total performance.

As well as numerous functions of the gadgets. Allow’s go through our leading choices.

1. Flame Boss 100 Universal Grill & Smoker Temperature Controller


Flame Boss 100 Universal Grill & Smoker Temperature Controller
  • Fits many steel smokers - Does NOT fit Big Green Egg and other ceramic grills use Flame Boss 100-Kamado
  • Easy to Use Turns on as soon as you plug it in There is only one mode
  • LCD Display At a glance display of the Set temperature, the pit temperature, the meat temperature and current blower speed

This middle rate controller by Flame Manager is one of the best-looking devices we found. Smooth and portable, it’s straightforward, strong, as well as ergonomic.

The controls and the LCD display worths are really simple and easy to understand. Speaking of screens, this model consists of the most comprehensive summary, including the set temperature level. The live feed of the pit as well as meat temperature levels, and the existing follower blowing speed. The variable rate follower works like a charm, maintaining the temperatures consistent even when we couldn’t withstand glancing under the lid. As this is a “global” model, it fits most smokers other than the Big Eco-friendly Egg as well as various other ceramic grills.

This design doesn’t support Wi-Fi, but it will certainly sound an alarm if the temperature adjustments all of a sudden, or when your dish is done. This collection includes a year-long warranty. Yet its durable style assures stable solutions for many years to come!


best bbq temperature controller

2. IQ110 BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit

PitmasterIQ IQ110 BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit W/Standard Pit Adapter For Weber Smokey Mountain, Weber Kettle & Many Other BBQ Smokers
  • Precise temperature control with a single setting
  • Standard adapter fits cookers with a fire vent damper less than 5 inches in diameter
  • Effortless setup requires no tools on most pits

This affordable model is among the cheapest controllers on the market. Yet it did a top-level task keeping the temperature consistent as well as causing mouthwatering juiciness. Used by means of a dial, the major drawback of this design is its lack of display. That means that it can not offer information about the present temperature. So it’s not a terrific option if you’re managing an old or unstable smoker.

It only supports the pit probe, so we recommend getting this design together with a cordless meat thermometer for the best results. Integrated with a variety of adapters, this controller is functional. Fitting most small grills and balance out smokers consisting of Weber, Char-Broil, Brinkman, Viking, as well as a lot more.

While we didn’t have any type of troubles, some customers report the plastic tube bending to the smoker warm. So see to it your arrangement is fire-proof. The firm, Pitmaster, covers this device with a 2-year limited guarantee, so you can depend on it benefiting a while!


best bbq temperature controller

3. TempMaster Pro BBQ Temperature Controller

BBQube TempMaster Pro BBQ Temperature Controller, Food Bluetooth Thermometer, Sous-Vide Controller 3-in-1 with Adapter for Weber Kettle, Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker WSM, 4" x 4" x 3.5"
  • Innovative design -thermometer module and Fan controller module can be operated separately. -Wireless thermometer can run 100+ hours on a single charge. Charging is done while docked on the base
  • 5x faster probes -our Best-Selling fast response probes received great reviews with 5 Star ratings on . -Precision Temp control comes from responsive Temp readings
  • Simplicity with "one-dial" - no more greasy push buttons. A big dial now makes the menu navigation a breeze

Coming from a more recent competitor on the marketplace with a witty name, BBQube’s TempMaster is a magnificently developed, effective device offered for a reasonable rate. This large tool comes with complete control over a powerful, variable-speed fan. It’s operated by a rather basic dial handle and a couple of buttons, as well as setting up the gadget is a wind.

The body of the controller gadget functions as a charging dock for a detachable wireless thermometer, which you can make use of for about 20 hours on a single cost. Supporting 4 thermostat probes at once, you can track the cooking process from a Bluetooth-powered phone application. The app creates real-time temperature graphs and supports alarms and also notifications. The tool features 3 probes– one pit, one short food, as well as one lengthy food probe. This system includes a 1-year limited warranty.


best bbq temperature controller

4. PartyQ BBQ Temperature Controller

This basic yet reliable tool is an ideal selection for anyone who intends to save on repetitive features and also invest in a suitable, durable BBQ buddy. Fitting any kind of ceramic cooker or the Big Eco-friendly Egg without any additional mounting, this model comes with a simple display screen and 2 switches.

The marketing factor of PartyQ is its exceptional mobility. In fact, this is the only gadget on the market powered strictly by batteries. While a ton of 4 AA batteries can last for days on end, short power shutdowns (when you want to change an empty battery, as an example) are not trouble as the gadget will merely restore formerly utilized settings. This model does not have open cover discovery, can’t sound alarm systems, as well as it only sustains a pit probe.

This tool offers specifically what it guarantees– consistent temperature control– and also keeps it straightforward. It’s supported by BBQ Guru’s 2-year restricted service warranty, which ought to be plenty for such a premium device.


best bbq temperature controller

5. DigiQ DX3 BBQ Temperature Controller

BBQ Guru DigiQ DX3 BBQ Temperature Controller and Digital Meat Thermometer for Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Weber, and Ceramic Grills
  • Solve the problem of unstable temperature swings resulting in tough, dried meat with this BBQ Temperature Controller
  • This easy to set up, easy to use BBQ Temperature Controller will automatically track the internal temperatures of your cooker with oven-like precision
  • You can multitask while you cook - this BBQ Temperature Controller will sound alarms when your food has reached the perfect temperature

This medium-tier device by the industry pioneer BARBEQUE Expert comes with a great performance as well as a fairly high rate. The very durable lightweight aluminum housing guarantees the tool is durable and also approximately the task. The specifying feature of this design is its ramp function– once the meat temperature begins reaching the target one, it will automatically slow down preparing down, so you obtain sufficient time to take it out of the cigarette smoker prior to it dries. This is extremely convenient if you can not get the food out in time.

Even though this design doesn’t have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, it still allows you to understand that the food’s all set thanks to a loud alarm with a flexible quantity. It features a really broad adapter combination, making it one of the most universal gadgets in the marketplace. Supporting one pit and also one food probe, this unit is excellent for family-size barbecue suppers. It regulates the temperature level flawlessly and also has a dependable open cover discovery. BARBEQUE Expert supports this design with a 2-year restricted guarantee.


best bbq temperature controller

6. IQ120 BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit

IQ120 BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit with Standard Pit Adapter for Weber Smokey Mountain, Weber Kettle and Many Other BBQ Smokers
  • Precise temperature control with digital encoder and multiple settings
  • Standard adapter fits cookers with a fire vent damper less than 5 inches in diameter
  • Digital display outputs precise cooking and food temperatures

Coming as the next iteration of Pitmaster’s pilot version IQ110 covered above, this newer design includes the reliability as well as several renovations to the older one.

Sustaining both the pit and a food probe, both 6 inches long, this gadget will absolutely see to it your food is never over or undercooked. With the biggest enhancement upon the previous manufacturer’s design being the digital display screen, it provides a lot more. You can track current food and pit temperature levels, and also follower activity. Nevertheless, the screen is on the little dimension, making it more difficult to establish.

While this system is still rather fundamental compared to fancier versions with vivid functions, it’s a reputable version that supplies sufficient choices and good efficiency for a fraction of the price. This model is ideal for family-size dinners as well as pitmasters looking for a trusted, yet inexpensive BBQ aide. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

7. Flame Boss 400-WiFi Smoker Controller

Flame Boss 400-WiFi Smoker Controller (Ceramic/Kamado Kit)
  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY - Patented software and variable speed blower produce precise temp control. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice command control.
  • EASY TO USE - Simple device configuration coupled with unparalleled customer support guarantees a smooth experience.
  • Fits Kamado-style charcoal grills and smokers: Kamado Joe - All Sizes, Primo Grills - All Sizes, Saffire Grill & Smoker Grill Dome - All Sizes, Vision Grills-*CLASSIC ONLY*, Broil King Keg – 2000 & 4000, Char-Griller AKORN, Kamado, Big Green Egg All Sizes

Fits Kamado-style charcoal grills and smokers: Kamado Joe – All Sizes, Primo Grills – All Sizes, Saffire Grill & Smoker Grill Dome – All Sizes, Vision Grills-*CLASSIC ONLY*, Broil King Keg – 2000 & 4000, Char-Griller AKORN, Kamado, Big Green Egg All Sizes

ONLINE DASHBOARD – View graphs of your cooks. Monitor pit and food temperature and change the temperature of your pit from your phone, tablet or computer. Set the meat alarm to automatically turn down the pit temperature when your desired meat temp is reached to keep food warm, even send yourself a text message when your meat hits the desired temp. Connect with any device that has a browser – no software to install. Or simply download our App available for iOS and Android devices
Innovative new design incorporates WiFi technology into the blower unit, for a compact and efficient way to regulate your BBQ temps.


best bbq temperature controller


Tender, juicy meat that melts in your mouth ought to not be booked for upscale restaurants. Modern technology makes it feasible to automate and go beyond the laborious jobs that make all the difference in cooking. You don’t need to examine the complex chemistry of meat smoking cigarettes to be able to make a fabulous bbq like a specialist pitmaster.

Having the most effective BARBEQUE temperature controller handy can assist you to prepare and also appreciate deliciously specialized for a portion of the cost they set you back in a restaurant. This automatic barbecue aide looks after all the uncertainty as well as stressful, recurring tasks that maintain our grills and also smokers dirty.

We really hope that you discovered all the responses you needed to earn your title of the community bbq master. If you have any type of inquiries left unanswered, or you ‘d simply such as to share your experiences, do not hesitate to leave a remark!

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